Friday, March 9, 2012

Random TMT on Friday

Laura's TMT for this week was to post random thoughts....OK I'm warning you in advance, you asked for it.
- How can people be so unhappy with life.  I mean really its too short to be that miserable!
- I wonder how loud I can turn my radio up to avoid ^^ without getting in trouble at work
- How to I manage to spend so much money on my dogs without realizing it?
- I don't think I'm ever going to get on the road tonight to get to the trial, so much to do.  I think I procrastinate on purpose, because I work best under pressure and all....
- Is any of this making sense or have people stopped reading because they a. think I'm crazy or are b. bored out of their minds
- I hope Tucker is doing well at his battle of the books competition today
- Is the rabbit I just bought going to make my Jen less itchy...please please please I beg the itchy gods :)
- I hope I don't forget to do something before I leave....
- Can I bring anyone a cat to the trial?
- Ok I should stop now, maybe I'll add more later


Laura Carson said...

When you mention the rabbit for Jen I was picturing a live furry pet for Jen, not food. LOL!

See you this weekend!

Best of luck to Tucker. :)

Kelly said...

Well with Jen the live furry pet probably wouldn't live long :)

Julie Poudrier said...

I should have taken you up on the cat. Maybe instead of obsessing over Calvin and Izzy coming in at night I should make their fat lazy butts stay out and hunt some mice....