Thursday, March 25, 2010

So the long process continues on....

Unless you have the patience, of oh say Job, please do not ever allow your dog to cut her flexor tendon. I am somewhat patient (LOL) and have a knack for sticking with rehab in horses. But man let me tell you, rehabbing a 2 yo border collie when you really have NO idea how its going is to say the least frustrating! Especially when said border collie is tired of being braced/casted/bandaged and really just wants to go work so she decides to eat the custom made brace. Patience I tell you, someone really thought I needed a lesson in it!
Thanks to a friend, thanks Barbara, I'm going to ask for an outline of the basics of what we will be doing for the next 9 may change but at least I have something of a baseline. And maybe my vet won't disown me in the process with my incessant questions!

On another front, Dutch is going nicely for a 9 month old pup. I really like him and am glad he has worked out for me since Jen is out of commission for a while! We have Ranger here spending the weekend so he is having a great time playing with him!

Gael and Spottie are doing well, we are trying to get back in line so that we can do some trials this spring. Definately doing Dr. Ben's trial and hopefully we can get in at the bluegrass. Then after that maybe I'll make my debut in open at Robin's trial, with all that patience i'm learning!

So this is a short update, but hey at least its an update. Maybe this weekend i'll try to do an update on all the new chickens we have, thank Julie for encouraging the habit, since all of the old ones met an unfortunate demise.