Thursday, February 16, 2012

TMT time :)

1. Jorgen would like to know what skill would you like to have that you don't currently have?

Honestly, I'd like to be able to talk to animals.  Not the hokey kind of animal whisperer you laugh at but to be able have a true connection and talk to them and understand what's going on.  If you don't feel well, tell me what is wrong/painful/etc so we can do the right test.  If you don't understand something tell me what it is.  That kind of thing.....That would be wonderful :)

2. If someone were going to play you in a movie, who do you think it would be?

Is there someone out there that brave?  Can I make them much more attractive than me?  And smarter too?  And someone who had no fear of saying the things that I bite my tongue and sit on my hands to keep from saying/typing to people :) HA! I'll have to think on that one...

3. Kelsey wants to know what is a quality that you admire in a dog but would never fit with you?

Hmmmm probably an extreme of either end.  A super, super soft dog and I wouldn't get along.  I have tweaked myself to get along with Dutch who is an unconfident dog because I love him but sometimes even I still scare him...I just am not the cheerleader type.  And a super hard dog and I wouldn't get along, because that would turn into a battle of the wills and I wouldn't stop until I won....I just want a dog who can get the job done with out a lot of input.  I like dogs that are smart and get things with few repititions too :)  I dont' ask for much LOL

4. If you had just enough money to pay someone to do one chore for you, what would it be?

To keep my car clean.  I have this thing where if I can't keep it perfect I just can't deal with it.  And with a ton of dogs and an 11 year old son I can't keep it perfect.  So it looks like a rolling trash dump...or something like that. I try I really do, but I just need someone to do it for me, PLEASE!  My dad once told me about an old car I had when I told him I was going to clean it out "you better not clean that car out, I think all that crap you keep in it is what holds it together and if you clean it, it might go into shock and fall apart."

5. Are you a procrastinator, a doitnower (I made that word up), or something in between?
Well it depends on what it is.  I'm kind of a now or never kind of person but if I know that I'm not going to achieve perfection then I'm more than likely a procrastinator.  Oh and at work I'm definatley a procrastinator, I perform quite well under pressure.  So I do tend to wait until the last minute to do things are work...nothing like trying to beat a deadline!


Robin French said...

Girl,i am going to change your car-driving life with one simple tip. There are trash cans at every gas pump. Pick the crap up off the floorboards and toss it while you're waiting on the tank to fill instead of watching the dollars adding up. Multi-tasking! And someone *else* has to haul it off to the dump then!

For real, i hate when stuff piles up in my truck too.

Kelly said...

HA HA.....except it really gets filled with clothes, toys, bookbags, dog leashes, dog meds, vet recipets, etc...LOL

Doniene said...

I'm totally with you about "talking" to animals, but would like it because of all the "off the wall" stuff they would like "look at that dumb blonde, what does she thing she is doing? LOL

Kelly said...

Doniene that's great! I just want to avoid things but understanding exactly what my animals are thinking LOL!

Laura Carson said...

I do that too Robin - toss stuff in at the gas stations. I was pleasantly surprised that when I pulled everything out of my van there wasn't much in the way of trash.

and Kelly, your actress can be whatever you want. I almost said I wanted my actress to be Matthew McConnaughey, but thought maybe I'd be the only person that didn't think that was weird.

Kelly said...

NO I don't think that's werid Laura, I think he's weird, but his hotness makes up for it ;)

I have no idea who I would have play me....I'll take suggestions!

My car just seems to accumulate stuff. Right now in the back, there is Tucker's catchers gear, 2 dog crates, dog blankets, dog leashes/collars, some random clothes (which came in handy last night when I went to the barn in light weight clothes to give meds and got stuck there for 4 hrs with a sick horse) along with some other stuf...

Laura Carson said...

Oh yeah, the hotness factor trumps the weird. Totally.

Hm... for you... I'm thinking. There's this one actress in the back of my mind but I can't seem to bring it to the front. Hrm.

Oh yeah! Hilary Swank. She's tough and has a lot of depth, and she's beautiful. I suspect she's got a lot under the surface. :)

Kelly said...

Hmmmm there's an idea.....LOL

Did everyone get snow?