Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Fun Weekend

So, I spent another Saturday morning up at Julies, I'm lucky enough that she doesn't care that I come up almost every weekend to work my little dog. She even comes out and holds sheep for us when we need it. Robin, Dan King, and Laura were all there this Saturday so it made for a fun day of working dogs and Robin and Dan taking pictures. Robin got some great ones of Jen working while both her and Julie also gave me pointers on lengthening Jen's outruns while making sure there were still correct. I just love this little dog!

Tucker came with me and actually enjoyed himself. He took a nap on Julies day bed with one of her dogs and then even went on a walk with her, his excitement for the day - the bee attack!!

I also made one of my decisions on Saturday, I took home Robin's Spottie to try her out. Robin says she is a lot like Jen, just in an older more trained we are going to see how it all works out. Hopefully she can teach me a few things and maybe I can help her with her weight loss....she has already been on 4 walks since I got her Saturday, so maybe she is well on her way...

On Sunday, Tucker and I took Tigger to his new home with Pam M. Tucker had a blast there, he got to play with Rly and Pam is even going to let him come over with Duke and learn some agility. She says he is old enough to be a Jr. handler so he is really excited, he really wants to train Duke to do some things.

So all in all it was a productive weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I'm made a promise to myself that I would start to keep up my blog more.....
I'm trying, my week has been filled with difficult decisions.
Whether or not to take on another older dog on.....(if it all works out yes)

Do I want to get a new SUV (less gas mileage) or keep my car? Or keep my car and try to find a Laura special (aka the $300 van)?

As much as I don't like puppies (yes I know i'm strange) do I want to get on a puppy list to have something coming up once I get my Jen trained?

So its been a busy mental week, all of this along with keeping up with my classes I am taking this summer, Microeconomics and Organizational Behavior Psychology. Both of which, I HATE.

So I'm just looking foward to Saturday, getting up early and going up to work my Jennie Minnie at JP's.......

Oh and if anyone is interested I have a nice dressage schoolmaster gelding, 16.2h, 17 yo, that has also done the hunters and jumpers that needs a good home. He does need some maintenance to stay sound but nothing major and he is free to a good home for someone that could put him to use...he also makes a great lawnmower.

And I still have kittens, someone please take a kitten. Darci I can ship you a nice set of mousers......someone PLEASE save me from the kittens

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birds and Kittens

Julie, being the kind person that she is, gave Tucker 2 tiny chicks earlier in the spring of this year. Only 1 made it for unknown reasons, the surviving one has been named cornflake....

Tucker loves Cornflake, Cornflake loves the cat crate she grew up in (I guess she is a she). The other black sex link chicks that are just about the same age love the fact that they are in an outside pen with no more cat crates at night (we have bad opposums), Cornflake does not, she will actually choose her crate over being out in the yard....weird bird. But Tucker has taught her to follow him and to sit on his shoulder, he is so proud. Its hard to take a picture of a bird and a boy, so they aren't the best pictures but at least you can see how Cornflake is turning out.

I also have kittens that I really really really need to find homes for and if someone wanted a really good barn cat their mother can go too. Someone dropped her off here pregnant....I don't need anymore cats. So someone PLEASE take them home! Again, moving objects don't do really well in pictures taken by a phone....but you can tell they are kittens, I think?

There are 2 black kittens, here is one of them, they both look the same, one is male, one is female.

Then we have the single striped one....he is a male

Their (is that the right tense?) mother is a smokey blue/grey color, she isn't as docile and tame as the others but is very pretty, I will have her spayed before she goes to another home or goes outside of my house for that matter....