Monday, June 28, 2010

Dr. Ben's Benefit Trial

Well, there wasn't a big turnout for the novice trial. But I will say it was a nice supportive group of people and a fun day. I met several people that I have never met before. I ran Gael in P/N, we ran 5 sheep and a slightly different course from the last trial at the same place. This time we had no fetch panels but were required to keep a straight line down to the post a left hand drive and then to the pen. Our first run wasn't horrible but there were many things I could have improved. Our second run was one to write about!! Fabulous for only having run this dog 1 other time. Had to redirect her twice at the top, actually did on both of my runs, so I need to figure that out. Little bobble on the fetch but we quickly got back online. Nice turn at the post with a little bobble on the drive away due to the sheep wanting to escape to the exhaust but they got back on line and went nicely through the drive panels. Nice pen, had one try to escape as I was shutting the pen gate but my stick influenced her to stay in. Score of 65 out of 80....I was highly impressed with Gael and myself!! Can't wait for the next trial!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And it was a success

Wow. It wasn't perfect my any means, no lie down at the top or really even until the fetch panels....but for me it was a success. I ran Gael in P/N with Robin and Jet holding out the sheep and made it through the entire course.......WITHOUT A GRIP or really even a thought of one!! We actually came in 7th which isn't great, but for me with only 2 trials under my belt, neither of which were with Gael, it is great! I can't wait to run again!

I really love running Gael. We know what we have to work on over the next 3 weeks. A lie down on Gael and maybe next time I won't be deathly ill so I can actually blow my whistle and not go into a coughing fit! I really hope my new whistle gets here in time, I have a thin one and REALLY like the thicker ones better!

Jen was very happy to get to come out and get her rehab walking in at the trial. She was so happy to see everyone.