Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I know...I've been AWOL again.  Winter just isn't my thing and the start of spring has proven to be busy with a new job, baseball, clinics, and GRADUATION!  That's one thing I can't wait for, yet I am considering going right back to get a Masters in Human Behavior Analysis....

But on to the dogs...

Jen is back to work, I even ran her in a trial.  It wasn't stellar, it probably wasn't even acceptable.  But she did it, the start of a P/N course.  You can't imagine the joy (and fear) of watching that dog leave my feet and do a beautiful outrun, lift and fetch after all she has been through.  There were times in her rehab that I never thought she would go back to work and there were times that I thought about giving up.  But we forged on and look where it go us.  Now if I can just get her back to taking inside flanks while driving we will be ready for so much more.  She is my inspiration, no matter what she never stopped trying.

Dutch is coming along nicely.  I attended another Patrick Shannahan clinic with him and we made great progress.  He is an interesting dog, not soft but very sensitive.   He is a true reflection of me, he wants to be right all the time no matter what.  He needs confidence and starting to drive gave him a lot of confidence.  He loves to drive.  Right now I am walking along with him, he is "brave" enough to push them maybe 20 ft or so ahead of me and he is starting to take inside flanks with just a "here" and then the flank.  He may be slow to mature but I think he will be a nice trustworthy dog when its all said and done. I've been thinking a lot about techniques and training methods since the clinic.  I really like Patrick and his methods make sense to me.  The make sense to my dog as well, obviously.  Dutch even came around and started to work for him!

Emma passed away on March 17, 2011 at 13 yrs old.  Bone cancer brought her down and  I wanted to let her go with dignity.  My house is awfully quiet without my personal doggie alarm clock, but I know that she is pain free now.  Its hard having old dogs...there are 2 more in my house Oliver, 11, and Spottie, 13, they are both doing great for now so I am hopeful for more time with both of them!