Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Updates from the farm

So I know its been forever someone who will remain unnamed felt it necessary to remind me of this fact...sometimes I do need a push to update though.

Well yesterday I took the plunge and got a new car, I really needed one as my old mazda protege, was well old, well worked and starting to slowly fall apart. It probably needed more work that what I wanted to even think about but I didn't want to trade it because I didn't want my payments to go up and I was sure they would. But thanks to a dear friend who helped me with my deal I got a new to me 2006 Mazda Tribute, much lower miles that what my car had and more room for dogs!! I was going to add a pic but either blogger or this computer doesn' t seem to want to operate so that will have to be added later.

I also am (hopefully) if I can scrape up the funds getting back a horse I used to own, Architect's Dream. Fred was my horse about 6-7 years ago and I ended up selling him to a kid who was going to show him, long story short they didn't and he ended up who knows where for the past several years. Well last Friday he was run through Sugarcreek Livestock Auction a notorious kill sale. Someone who actually lives in Hickory remembered his name and that someone was looking for him. She found my ads, bought my horse and contacted me. Fred is still in OH at this time, I'm trying to find the funds to pay her back for him and to ship him down...Its NOT as cheap as it used to be!

Other than that everything has been going well. I have applied for a few jobs that are closer to home, since the one I promised it now off the table because the pay, well it sucked! I'm tired of driving an hour and 15 min each way to work everyday.

Oh and I still have 2 lovely kittens that need homes a really sweet female black kitten and a very playful but sweet black male kitten. They have been wormed twice and I will be giving them their shots shortly! And I still have my retired from showing gelding, he would make someone a great pasture ornament or a trail horse but he isn't for a dead beginner on the trail. He would even probably make a great dead beginner lesson horse in the ring as he is dead quiet there.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Funny eared dogs

I thought I would spotlight a non-working dog today. I always tell Julie how much I love her dog with funny ears and how if a dog with funny ears comes along I am going to fall in love with it!! I already have one funny eared dog. He has been with me for ~10 years, he was a pound rescue as a puppy and he is a different type of dog. He is come type of collie mix, I have gotten differing opinions over the years on what he is mixed with. He looks part greyhound to me but we will never know. I took some pictures of him the other morning with his ears up, he doens't typically stand them up unless he sees/hears something that is of interest to him. Here is what he looks like with them up...

But was he was really thinking...YUM fresh chicken for breakfast. He hasn't ever gotten the chance but I have no doubt he would be a chicken killer if given the chance.
Oliver will actually go around sheep, haven't done anything but see if he would go around them. At 10 years old I figured there is no use in even trying but per his last vet visit he is in excellent health for a 10 year old dog...He does however do some funny tricks. He went through tons of obedience training, which in the end never worked for him on recall, no matter how much training you do with treats or anything else, if he sees something that he would rather be doing he does that, fingers in ears saying ha ha you can't catch me, remember that greyhound parent I had!! He is one long legged FAST dog!! Tucker thinks his best trick is the one where you tell him to get the cats and he jumps around in circles barking even when there are no cats around. He actually loves cats and would never hurt one. He will be sorely missed if anything ever happens to him. He is my guard dog and with his size and strength I don't think I would mess with him. My brother thought it funny one day to wrestle with him and then get on his motorcycle and ride right by him (Oliver doesn't like loud noises either), my brother regretted that day!! He is the dog that if I have to go scavenging through the woods/fields/pasture in the middle of the night that I always take with me, because if you are going to hurt me you would have to get through him first!

Yummm, tasty chicken for breaksfast. He was eyeing the chicken that lives in the horse pasture because she believes that she is a horse!!