Thursday, October 20, 2011

TMT shortened

I for one am glad you shortened TMT this week, its been a busy day at work and I just got back from fire safety training as well as getting my flu shot for the year.  My arm is already burning...its that possible?

What obstacles have you overcome this week, and what did you learn from them? This can be training obstacles, life obstacles, whatever obstacles you want to talk about.
Well I'm trying to over come an obstacle right now.  My battery is dead in the parking lot.  I get off at 4:30 and my son has a baseball game at 6 pm.  I must get AAA here, jump off my car, make it to the battery place to get a new battery and then to the baseball field in time for his game.....

My mind is working beyond the here and now right now so I can't tell you what other obstacles I have over come this week, though I feel there were many given how tired I am :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its TMT...I've lost track of my number and that's probably because this week grosses me out

So here are Laura's questions this week one induces nausea in me....

1. What is your favorite Little Debbie snack? If you hate Little Debbie then I bow down to your greatness. (I suppose you can include some other favorite snack. Maybe it'll inspire me to get over LD for today.)

Ummm yuck, how does anyone eat those and not want to vomit?????  I mean I guess if I was dying and that was all there was I could manage.  But gross, my child eats them and even the smell gets to me.  I'll take straight dark chocolate with almonds Thanks!!

2. What do you use for laundry detergent?

Glad to know i'm not the only person using the Xtra brand LOL.  But now I may need to steal your version of homemade detergent.  I have old bottles, I'll keep them out of the trash in case I can re-use them.

3. Tighty Whities or Boxers? (this, obviously, is open for interpretation)

Who wears underwear anyway??  Kidding...boxers or maybe those boxer briefs.  Tighty whities make me thing of redneck men who are drunk walking around in their tighty whities and wife beaters!

4. Dogs: On the bed? In the house? On the furniture? Never? What are your rules?

Well some are allowed on the bed, some are restricted to the floor...yes annoying dogs who can't be still at night are restricted to clicking around on the floor.  On the couches yes when there is room.  e don't really have rules, except muddy dogs are confined to the dog room!

5. Favorite dog-related website (aside from my blog, obviously har har har)? Favorite NON-dog related website? Can be blogs, or whatever.

Well like Laura, border collie boards are frequented but rarely posted on.  I like fugly horse of the day too, though its recently changed ownership and isn't nearly as controversial which takes all the fun out of it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #4

So this week Laura wants to know.........
1. If you won the lottery (a big one... I'm talking stupid muchos cash) what would you do with the money?

Ohhh I would buy a huge farm where I have various places to work my dogs and keep LOTS of sheep :)  And pay off other things such as student loans and cars.  Maybe then I could fly whatever trainer I chose out to my place to keep me and my dogs working properly too!  Other than that i don't think much would change.

2. After winning the lottery would you work a day job? If so, what would you do?
Yes, I would keep a day job but it wouldn't be working in an office.  I think I would go back to doing something with tech, run a kennel/dog day care, back to being a horse trainer.....soemthing like that

3. Do you have any auxiliary dogs? Auxiliary dogs are dogs that are not essential to your main purpose (usually tiny, but not always). If you don't have an auxiliary dog what might you choose?

Does a non-working border collie count as an auxillary dog?  That's all I got, well and a retired, deaf, partially blind, loves to bark working dog!  But up until recently I had a pit/lab mix and a collie/greyhound mix as auxillary dogs.....I have kept my mom's min pin and while he's nice to snuggle with I don't think I could keep a small dog in my house, Jen tends to think small dogs are cats and wants to eat them!

4. Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe (or other recipe) you can share?

MMMMMMMM Crock pot macaroni....I want some now!

Crock Pot Macaroni & Cheese
1 - 8 oz pkg elbow macaroni, cooked and drained (= 1 3/4 cups dry pasta)

1 – 16 oz pkg sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

1 – 12 oz can evaporated milk

1 ½ cups regular milk

1 tsp salt

1 stick melted butter or margarine (I think you could use less…)

2 eggs, beaten

Combine all ingredients in crock pot; mix well.

Cook on LOW heat 3 ½ - 4 hours.