Friday, May 28, 2010

So we have been working well...

LOL we will see if it all works out in a trial situation though. I rarely get nervous for anything anymore thanks to the years of showing horses....but ummmmmm well I'm not really nervous now just want them day to come to see if the big Gael/Kelly debut will be magical or disasterous. Its gonna be a long weekend! I keep using the techinques of invisioning the run in my head as I want it to happen, so hopefully the good visions will carry us through!

Jen will be in tow so that I can get all her rehab in that day and Dutch as well so that he can get some socialization.

Updates to come Tuesday, wish us LUCK

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving forward....

Lots of things have been going on lately. We have gotten several new chickens because of my egg business literally exploding. Its a good thing and Tucker has named them all. The newest injured hen (bought that way) named Henrietta LOL.

Jen is trucking along in rehab. We are down to only 1 vet visit a week, she is walking 4 times a day for 20 minutes each time. And 1 day a week other that vet visit day I take her soft cast off and she gets to spend the day without anything supporting her leg and she gets to walk without the cast for 15 minutes 2x that day.

Dutch is coming along. He has been out on sheep quite a few times and seems to get better each time. He is a nice looking dog so far and even during an experiment out in JP's field that went wrong he didn't majorly lose his head!

Gael is working nicely for me, I'm trying to learn her whistles better as Spottie would take anything close where Gael won't. We are entered in a trial, starting out in P/N in a few weeks and then the end of next month, pending the first trial goes as plans I have moved us up to Ranch. It will be nice to have her to learn from. I have basically decided to retire Spottie to just farm work, she was getting slower and slower while working in any sort of larger area and just wasn't recovering as well as I thought she should, so its definitely nice that Robin has let me borrow Gael (and good thing she works for me)......Now if only I could find an affordable dog that could definitely take me to open ;)

Other than that nothing around the farm has really changed......more updates to come!